Company Ideology

Ideology refers to the science of ideas, especially those springing from sensory stimulation. While providing exceptional customer service, we adhere to the Panache Gardens company ideology, intended to make a small but positive difference in the world. The main ideological goals of Panache Gardens are to respect and better the environment, and to encourage people of all ages to spend more time outside.

With continual research and thorough planning, Panache Gardens' business practices are in harmony with nature. We respect the environment by using recycled or earth-friendly materials and by exercising natural pest control. To better the environment we promote gardens that support bees and birds. To save water, we take the time to educate our clients so that they know when to water their low-maintenance gardens, as they require less hydration than traditional gardens.

Fresh air is good for everyone so, to encourage people to get outdoors, we have developed our low-maintenance concept with you in mind. A low maintenance outdoor space provides maximum interest in colour, texture, and design while demanding minimal work or care. All Panache products adhere to the low maintenance concept to produce some of the most self-sustaining, time efficient, and cost effective gardens, lawns, etc.

Panache Gardens' products are ideal for just about anyone who wants to save time and effort: young families or professionals lacking time; people who are physically limited; or commercial or rental property owners. We personalize your yard with designs that reflect your tastes and choose plants that support your lifestyle. For example, if you have young children, we will avoid thorny plant varieties, and go with something that will encourage interest in nature and withstand curiosity, like the soft Lamb`s Ear. To generate beginner gardeners, Panache has created the decorative mixed garden that uses vegetable, medicinal, and flowering plants in an attractive bed that is easy to maintain.

Panache`s commitment to company standards and ideology results in gorgeous and efficient outdoor spaces that provide a rich sensory experience, peace of mind, and a new setting for your life; in short, a space you will love to be in.